Why shooting in manual is important?

Why shooting in manual is important?

Most of us struggled to create better scenes, the same with me while i m trying to   create cinematic projects in my DSLR. To achieve a soothing cinematic footage we must get in to manual mode.

I’m creating most of  my videos in #NIKOND3200, so most of the reference that i, am using is related to @Nikon bodies so you can relate to the exact same setting  for your camera bodies .

Settings to achieve creamy buttery and high contrast movie

  • First go to setting , Movie settings , turn on Manual movie settings
  • If we are planning to have a different background sound in your movie or don’t need the background scene try to mute the microphone from the Movie settings
  • Set proper ISO based on the situation, better avoid high ISO
  • Get in to live mode , enable the rule of thirds so that you can compose accordingly
  • When in live mode control your shutter speed so that it gives a better contrasting colors to the scene.
  • Shoot in lowest aperture when possible.

Why is it important to shoot in manual ?

Firstly, Shooting in manual gives full control of the situation, one thing to remember to create better cinematic scenes is to shoot in lowest aperture which will adds shallow depth of field  scene. When we always shoot in auto mode there are lot of factors we cant control so we have to overide it through the manual mode.

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