Time to fly away

Time to fly away

Story behind my picture : Time to fly

After a particularly hectic day at work, I found solace in watching the movie “The Eye of the Storm” by #SamNewton. Its inspiring message resonated deeply within me, even permeating my dreams. In the midst of my slumber, a thought took hold— I must visit the beach.

The following morning, filled with anticipation, I awoke earlier than usual and embarked on my journey, cruising along in my premier car. As the sun began to paint the sky with its soft hues, the morning unfolded before me, revealing something unexpected.

As I strolled along the sandy shoreline, I couldn’t help but notice a captivating sight—a flock of unfamiliar birds. Their presence was a rarity in our beachscape, a testament to the wonders that nature often unveils when we least expect it. It seemed as though they were patiently waiting, perched on the sand, anticipating the arrival of each wave.

With each crash of the ocean against the shore, the birds would spring into action, gracefully sifting through the sand in search of treasures left behind. It was as if they were awaiting the perfect moment, the ideal wave, to seize opportunities that presented themselves with the ebb and flow of the tides.

Intrigued by this mesmerizing scene, I continued to venture forward. And there, amidst the expansive beach, stood a solitary figure—a young girl facing the vast expanse of the ocean. Her presence exuded strength and resilience, as if she, too, was waiting for something profound to occur.

There was an undeniable sense of purpose emanating from her. Perhaps she had come to the beach to find solace, draw strength from the mighty waves, and gather the courage to spread her wings and soar. In her solitude, she found a connection with the boundless horizon, a reminder that life is a continuous journey of growth and self-discovery.

As I observed the girl and the birds, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by their intertwined stories. The birds taught me the value of patience and seizing opportunities when the timing is just right. And the girl reminded me of the inherent strength we possess to face life’s challenges and embrace the unknown.

The beach, with its ever-changing beauty, had once again become a canvas upon which stories of hope, resilience, and growth were etched. And as I walked away from that serene shoreline, I carried with me the echoes of the birds’ graceful flight and the girl’s unwavering spirit, forever grateful for the unexpected lessons gifted to me by the sea.


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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