One day at kadamakudy

One day at kadamakudy

Explore the enchanting allure of Kadamakudy in Kochi, a truly picturesque destination that should not be overlooked.

Today marked an enchanting day of exploration as my friend Abhilash George and I embarked on a one-day journey to discover the hidden gems of Kadamakudy. Nestled in the embrace of water, this locale boasts walkable small islands that offer a picturesque escape.

Our senses were treated to the sight of Chinese fishing nets and a vibrant tapestry of livelihoods, painting a captivating tableau of the community. I couldn’t resist capturing a moment on my mobile, a photo that sparked inspiration and found its place on YouPic. Dive into the visual feast below.

The magic of Kadamakudy unfolds best during the morning and evening hours. Mornings embrace a subtle mist, lending an ethereal quality to photographs. It’s a dreamy, fantastical world where watery birds like egrets, kingfishers, and if luck is on your side, migratory species, grace the scene. The lifestyle here diverges from what we’ve witnessed in the BACKWATERS OF ALLEPPEY and at KUMARAKOM, with many residents engaged in various forms of fishing.

Temple view above valappubeach
aerial shot of temple at valappu beach

Things to explore in kAdamakudy

There are lot of things to explore in Kadamakudy. Fishing opportunities abound, and a leisurely walk along the narrow strips of land between water bodies promises a peaceful retreat. Capture the essence of local life through your lens, from the intricacies of daily routines to the mesmerizing Chemmenkettu. Consider adding a moment of meditation in the morning air, inhaling the pure essence of Kadamakudy

what to include during the trip to Kadamakudy

Well-maintained exercise areas punctuate the road, inviting visitors to stay active amidst the serenity. Ensure you have a comfortable cap to shield yourself from the sun’s glare, a fishing rod, a fully charged camera, water bottle, and be mindful of responsible plastic disposal.

How to reach Kadamakudy from Cochin Airport

NOTE : the best time to visit is at the morning from 6:00 am to 8:00 am and at evening 5:00 pm to 6:30pm . and the journey is approximately 26km from the airport

Stay Tuned for more fun at cochin

Our exploration extended into the evening, where we uncovered a hidden gem near Valappu Beach. Though reminiscent of Kadamakudy, the real standout here was the breathtaking sunset. Stay tuned for a detailed travel vlog capturing the essence of our journey. Your journey into Kadamakudy awaits – don’t forget to follow for more updates.


Rating: 1 out of 5.

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