Photowalk with Dr Linto John at Chimmony wildlife sanctuary

Photowalk with Dr Linto John at Chimmony wildlife sanctuary

Our story revolves around a captivating photowalk with Dr. Linto, organized by BAF PHOTOMUSE. The adventure began when I, accompanied by three newfound friends I met on the way, boarded a bus from Amballor to embark on our journey from Thrissur to the Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary. The bus ride took approximately 45 minutes, and we eagerly disembarked at the entrance of the enchanting dam pathway. As we made our way towards the event venue, anticipation filled the air, and our photographic escapade was about to commence.

Upon arrival, we gathered with a group of 25 participants, including photographers, engineers, and even doctors, forming a diverse and enthusiastic community. We kicked off the session by refreshing our knowledge of photography composition and the renowned “rule of thirds.” Dr. Linto, with his expertise and passion for photography, shared valuable insights, guiding us toward a better understanding of the art form.

Chimmony wildlife sanctuary
Chimmony wildlife sanctuary

The practical session soon commenced, and we ventured into the surroundings, armed with our cameras and newfound confidence.

The lush greenery and captivating wildlife of Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary provided us with a stunning backdrop for our photography endeavors.

We immersed ourselves in the process, capturing mesmerizing shots, experimenting with various angles, and playing with natural lighting.

Here are a few images we captured during this enriching learning experience. We invite you to explore and offer your valuable suggestions, as we believe in continuous growth and improvement in our photographic journey.

Join the Photographic Adventure: Unveiling the Beauty of Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary

We invite you to embark on this visual voyage alongside us, as we unlock the secrets of Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary through the lens of our cameras. Together, let’s celebrate the art of photography and explore the breathtaking beauty of nature.

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