Life is a beach, find your wave

Life is a beach, find your wave

Just like you, I am a person who constantly looking forward create great content and opportunity.

This is a true incident, which leads to the creation of this video. Same as other artists i am always exploring to create good content for the life happening around me. As software engineers, we are confined to the office during our working hours and I always want to push my life forward to create something I love and am passionate about.

On 12 August 2022, we scheduled to visit a photography exhibition that took place on Alappuzha beach at Palm resort. i reached there at 4:30 with the desire to see the beautiful capture of the artist, but the event was finished an hour before. And on the way back to the main junction, i saw a narrow pathway near the beach. I walked through it and found something great.

The place is a few meters away from the crowd, where few people rest on a bamboo-made bench enjoying the cricket. Decide to enjoy the moment for some time. i started taking photos of the amazing landscape, something whispered within me, to capture the moment. Recorded a solo cinematic shot for the first time, and it happens like a coincidence the waves splashes in the background during the turning sequence. When I saw the sequence on my mobile it was truly amazing. Please feel free to share, support, and give your valuable feedback

Things to do near the beach

The beach is one of the best spot in alleppey, here there are some important sub spots you dont have to visit .

One is the Lighthouse which opens at 9 am and close at 5:30 . so please make sure to reach the spot on time . this one is a British built light house . From the roof top we can the the old bridge the view is quite amazing after 4:30 pm .

Second place is Amaze park which offers lot of rides for the childrens

Third place is , at the right most side of the just  near the amuse park there is private Motor water sports.

Fourth place is the  Naval Ship Point, where we can see FAC T-81 was decommissioned ship once served  the Indian Navy

My favorite place at alleppey beach

We mostly used to gather at places away from crowds, most of us might wonder whether there would be a space. There is place at the end of the beach just of the iron bridge, where we can see some local fisherman travelling on wooden boat, and i personally choose this place .

The other location is few meters away , to reach this place we have to travel through the narrow road  on the right side of the Amuse Park, after a few meter we can see few boats are docked . The people are very friendly . Check out beach cinematic movie shotOnNokia where children’s enjoy limitless like to share with lots of love

Finding the right taste on beach

Event though there are lot of restaurant near the beach , some of my few recommendations are the #Halais Restaurant,  #Cassia, #Cafe Catamaran, #Seashore Homely Food . Seashore Homely Food is best know especially for tasty homely Biryani,  and other Kerala native foods like puttu , appam, fish curry. I know the cheff personally , and we used to visit the Sea shore restaurant on some occasions.

 Checkout the place

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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