Just Another Beautiful Day At Kalady

Just Another Beautiful Day At Kalady

The Periyar river is one of the main water body that flows behind the Sree Shankara Temple, we might have had heard a lot of mythical stories associated with it. Adhi Shankara likes to lead a sage life, but his mother like to lead a married life like others.



So one day, when he used to bath in the periyar river he was caught be a crocodile . He yelled for help . The poor mother can only cry for help but no one cames to rescue his son.

It is believed that he ask his mother to promise to became a sage as his life mission . When she agreed it his condition the crocodile released from his leg.

When i was in Kalady i used to visit the periyar river need to the temple in every morning which i couldn’t resist. The feel of pure air and the small temple in the scene attracted me a lot. The whole are is calm and quite, free from city chaos , only sound of bird.



Rating: 1 out of 5.

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