Escaping the Pandemic: A Journey to Malakkappara’s Serene Wilderness

Escaping the Pandemic: A Journey to Malakkappara’s Serene Wilderness

Traveling and exploring nature can be challenging during these pandemic days, but it becomes even more important to find ways to overcome the mental stress caused by working from home. To rejuvenate my senses, I embarked on a short trip to Malakkappara. As I closed my eyes that night, all I could envision was the lush greenery of the forest, offering a promise of tranquility and peace.

Early the next morning, at 5 am, I rose from my slumber and made my way to the Pathirapally bus stop in Alappuzha. The monotonous routine of working from home for the past two years had made me lethargic, but I was determined to break free from my comfort zone and embark on this adventure.

I learned about the Malakkappara trip through a feature in The Hindu newspaper. Before setting off, I called the Chalakudy bus station to inquire about the bus schedule. They informed me that buses to Malakkappara were available at 7 am and 8:20 am. Although it was only 6 am, I decided to push forward and commence my journey.


After boarding a bus to Vytilla, and then transferring to another bus bound for Chalakudy, I found myself checking the online bus status along the way. Time seemed to slip away, and it was already 8:30 am when I disembarked at Chalakudy bus stand. As I moved ahead to grab a cup of tea, to my surprise, I noticed a special bus heading directly to Malakkappara. With a stroke of luck, my timing seemed perfect.

The whole trip was shot on Nokia 500, feel free to enjoy the trip , subscribe and share my work

Throughout the trip, I captured the essence of my adventure using my trusty Nokia 500. Every step of the way, I aimed to document and share my experiences with fellow travelers and nature enthusiasts. So sit back, relax, and join me on this remarkable journey. Don’t forget to subscribe and share my work, allowing others to partake in the beauty that Malakkappara has to offer.

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